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Vintage Photos, Could this car be a Nash?

Absolutely! Its a 1930, Mdl 457.

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Can you help me identify the year and make of the car shown in
the accompanying photos? We think it is a 1930 Lafayette. Can you confirm this or can you stear me to someone who can?

Thank you for any help.

Dennis Murphy

Hello Dennis,

My name is Gary DeYoung, I live in Clearwater Florida. I'm a
long time member of the Nash Car Club. I saw your three nice
Nash photos that Jim Bracewell put on the web site.
I can tell you the car is a 1930 Nash " Single Six Series" De-luxe Sedan.

Nash built cars in three price ranges in 1930. The Single Six
was the smaller series cars. They had a flathead six
cylinder motor. The group of Single Six cars were know as the 450
series. The exact model shown in your photos is a 457 which
is the 4 door De-Luxe sedan.

There are several details in the photos that comfirm this...........
The small cowl lights are the style used on only the 450 series.
The exposed wiring to the cowl light is also only on the 450 series.
The cowl vent seen near the windshield was first used in 1930.
I happen to have owned the 1929 version of this car, it did not have the cowl vent.
I can also tell by the narrow width of the doors, the design
of the belt moulding, and the running board that this is a
the small 1930 Single Six.

Another detail is in the photo where the built in trunk is seen.
You will notice that part of the frame can be seen under the
trunk. That's correct for the smaller
1930 car. The medium and larger 1930 Nash cars had a "frame cap"
which was a metal cover over the frame in that area.
Some folks would confuse this with the regular 1930 Nash 4
door sedan which was model # 450 but what makes your's a # 457
De-Luxe sedan is the landau irons on both sides of the body in
back, near the rear side windows. By the way the two rear s
ide windows are also smaller than a regular 450 sedan.
Intresting photos and some good looking ladies. What can you
tell us about the car or it former owners? Feel free to
contact me if you have any questions.

Gary DeYoung #6196 email........ gd.nash@gte.net

P.S. I have owned several 1928 thru 1932 Nash cars in the past.
My current collection is several of the large series 1929 Nash cars.

Kind regards.

Hello Dennis and MOL members.

That car is the same as my car in the photo. It is a 1930 Nash
Single Six Deluxe Sedan, Model 457. Only the 457 had the trunk
with the rear quarter window. What is interesting is that
the car has the standard wheels like my car. Most of the 457's
had optional wheels. One major difference with the Deluxe vs.
the Standard models was that the soft top came all the way
down to the belt line. If you remove the fabric you'll find
wood not sheet metal underneath. That is a real interesting photo.
Only about 3000 457's were built.

Bob Westervelt #5819 rwester275@aol.com

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