Berridge Nash,

Mt Clemens, Michigan.

My father had a Nash dealership, Berridge Nash, from just prior to the war to about 1958 or so. It was located in Mt Clemens, Michigan. I was just a little guy back then but was going through some old pictures and came across these.

This is a picture of my Dad (behind the car), in front of his dealership which he built, delivering a car to one of his regular customers.

This is a picture of the showroom. We still have the clock which says "Its Nash Time" on the back wall in the upper left of this picture.

This is the paint booth when baked enamel was the popular method. This is a police car. Notice the spot light and the push guard. Also, notice the light rack rolled fore and aft on tracks. The car was painted and then the lights were rolled in to bake.

Finally this is some promotional picture my Dad had made next to an early jet at Selfridge Air Force Base not far from his business.

Hope these came through OK and hope you enjoy them.

Phil Berridge -

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