My dad, Ralph and his brother Al, owned TARPIN AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE, a service
shop in Reading, Massachusetts, (my home town), from the 1940's through the end of the 60's.
After my dad passed away in 2000, I found a bunch of old photos from his shop, taken
for advertisements in the local newspaper: The Reading Chronicle.

I'm attaching the photo of my dad, Ralph (holding the Zerex can) and my Uncle
Al, with the Nash Met. I'm not sure of the year, however.

I found the actual newspaper ad. It's all yellowed of course, and there's a date
scribbled on it: It looks like December 26, 1957. That would make my dad 30, and
my Uncle 35.

The Metropolitan was produced from 1954 thru 1962.

I thought you might get a kick out of it, and if you'd like, feel free to post
it on your site.

Best regards,

Rob Tarpin
Estero, FL

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