"Our new 1951 Nash"

John and Etta Bond.

Long story short.... Etta Bond was an older woman my parents
watched out for when I was young. She had no family so when
she died we ended up with her personal belongings. As an adult
- and the daughter who likes antiques - I have ended up with a
box of photos, etc. Every few years I come across them, have fun
browsing, and wondering what I am ever going to do with them all!
In todays browsing session I was drawn to this one and the "Nash".
I found you on the Internet when I googled "Nash". Since you are
obviously a Nash enthusiast, I am hoping you might like to add this
to your collection on or off the website. I can't bare to throw these
things away that show the history of life and everyday people.
The Bonds were originally from New York but eventually ended up
in San Jose, CA. I'm not sure if this photo was taken in San Jose,
per say, but judging from the palm trees I would say they were somewhere
in California at the time of the photo.
I hope you will be able to enjoy the photo, as random as it may be....
and not think I am to crazy for dispersing it to you!

Maggie Anderson

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