Sending you some pix from Norway,
which showing a family on tour with Nash 1938 mod. in 1953

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Fine that you enjoyed the photo. Yes, perhaps the car is a 1937 Nash Lafayette model 3718.
But on the back side of the photo: 1938 (?). I will ask the earlier owner, he is still alive.
He worked as mechanic on a garage. His name is Alfred Groennevik, and that is the man on the
photo with here wife Borghild and girl Vigdis (hood). The little boy is Einar Groennevik
The photo is taken between Aardalstangen and Ovre Aardal in Sogn.(Western part of Norway, in the
end of the "Sognefjord") The mountains are going up to 1300 meters above sea level.

Egil Lund - Norway

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This other man is Otto Bergset, also a mechanic and a colleague,
worked together in the same garage.

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