1937 Nash Lafayette.

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Our NEW 37 LaFayette In Yellowstone park. I wasn't born 'till 3 yrs later.

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Here is another pic Dad took in Yellowstone I believe on his honeymoon in 1931.

He had an old Nash that later got traded in on the 37 Lafayette. He called it the Big car as he also had
a 30 model A Ford which I still have.

If the pic with the bear is a nash that was his car. Maybe you could tell what year it was.

Thanks for looking

Don Van Diepen
11928 160 ave
Indianola. IA 50125

The bear is leaning on the drivers door of a 1929 Nash, Advance Six (the large series) model 470, 5 passenger sedan.
The 10 spoke wood wheels have the correct number of hub bolts, rim bolts, correct hubcap size and
painted spear on each spoke in keeping with the standard equipment wheels of the 1929 Nash Advance Six.
The belt moulding along the side of the body has the correct upward rise on the A post and B post,
and the correct pinstripes. The recessed area around the windows, hinge placement on doors, original
body colors, bumper style, headlamp design, running board trim and door handles are other confirming details.

It must have been a warm day, notice the windshield is cranked open at the bottom of dash. The window
in the rear door is down as far as it can go, and the window behind that is almost at it's limit too.

Seldom do we see a color photo of these cars, the green/black body and ivory pintstipes still look
fresh, less a little road dust. The same green color appears on the wood spokes.
Don, your Dad had a nice car for travel on his honeymoon!
Thanks, you made my day!

Gary DeYoung / Clearwater Florida

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