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Hi Jim & Dorothy,

I found these car pictures in my Mother-in-laws collection of old negatives.
I have been scanning them and cleaning them up. The car was owned by her Brother-in-law who lived in
the Detroit area. I believe from looking at your wonderful Web site that it has to be
a 1925 Nash Advanced Six Model 161 similar to the one shown with the name Jim Harker #1019
in your Web site. I have a couple of other views of the car shown with the owner. I don't know
where any of them were taken. My Mother-in-law lives in Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan Canada, where
her husband the Nash owner's brother, lived and farmed for many years before his death in 1983.
The owner of the car died in Florida some time in the 1980's.

Thought you might like these pictures.

Grant Ford
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada


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