In 1954 the Navy sponsored a Miss America parade at the Bainbridge Naval Training Center in north eastern Maryland. The Navy had arranged for miss America to ride in a new orange Mercury convertible from a local Lincoln/Mercury dealer. They were informed that Miss America was sponsered by Nash and Miss America would have to ride in a Nash. They immediately called Harford Nash Sales in Aberdeen, Maryland and requested a car. Since there were no convertibles available the only other sporty looking car was Ira Wilmoth's Croton green and white Statesman Countryclub with the dark green needle point mohair and white leather interior and dealer installed continental kit and wire wheel covers. The parade was put on hold until the car was washed and driven the 20 miles to the training center. The inscription reads;

"To Ira Wilmoth- It was a pleasure meeting you, and so nice of you to supply the Nash at such short notice. Sincerely Evelyn Ay Miss America 1954".

Notice the Honor Club pin on Dad's lapel.

Bob Wilmoth #1383

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