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1927 Nash Sedan.

My grandmother bought this car new sometime during the 1927 year, and drove it until she purchased
a new 1935 Dodge. From this photo, can someone tell me any more information about the car.

Thank you,
Robert Perry
Bluefield, WV

Hello Robert,
Thanks for sending the photo of your grandmother's Nash. The 1927 and 1928 Nash cars were almost
identical but 1928's had a slightly taller radiator & shell. The Nash in your photo does appear to be a
1928 model. They were introduced on June 29, 1927. Several details including the 4 lug wheels tell
me this was the smaller of the three series cars that Nash Motors built for 1928, called the "Standar
d Six" also known as the 320 series.

The 4 door Standard Six sedan was a popular car, but your grandmother picked the more stylish 2 door
sedan.The exact model number of this body type is 323. Meaning it's part of the 320 series group of
cars, but the 323 is a two door, 5 passenger sedan. The car would have been painted two tone...
black fenders with either a blue, red, or green body.

This car had two bucket seats up front, they would tilt forward for passengers to enter into the rear
seat area. It was powered by a 6 cylinder L- Head motor of Nash design. It had a three speed
non-syncromesh transmission and mechanical brakes.

Attached is a scan from a 1928 Nash Motors sales book. It will give you an idea of the paint styling.
By the way, like many auto makers of the time, Nash Motors didn't supply bumpers on their cars until
1929 so the bumpers seen in this photo would have been supplied by the dealership that sold the
car or an aftermarket supplier. Wanted to point that out so when you see other photos of the same
model you can allow for any difference, from your grandmother's Nash.

Regards, Gary DeYoung

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