"1926 Nash Tourer, Advanced Six series"

Having discovered and appreciated the website of the nash Car Club of America, I am attaching a scan of a photograph, taken in 1926 or 1927 of my grandfather's "1926 Nash Tourer", as the family called it which you are welcome to post on the Nash website. The photograph was taken in the vicinity of Sydney, NSW Australia. I can vouch for the year, but I wonder if you could help me identify the exact model? The car looks like a curious combination between a touring and a sedan, with windows incorporated into the doors. My mother wrote on the back of the photograph that the car was a seven-seater.


Malcolm Gain

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Hi Malcom,

This Nash is the Advanced Six series and does appear to be a '26 as you already know. Great car. There were after market tops sold to make tourings more weather tight that replaced the factory equipment. The top on this touring as far as I can tell looks factory, but there well could have been aftermarket manufacturers of tighter windows than the side curtains the factory provided. Apparently this touring has those.

Thanks for sharing this photo, I certainly enjoy looking at these!

Jim Dworschack, Wisconsin

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