Old Photo Identified by Old Cars Weekly
as an 1905-06 Rambler.

It's a 25x22 framed picture I bought at a flea market 20+years ago and I always wondered about it's past.

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This picture was taken in Ridgewood NJ. Itís unknown whether the gentleman is Mr. Young or Mr.
Bortic but since itís taken directly in front of the sign, thereís a pretty good chance it could be one of them.

The exact location is the intersection of Franklin Ave and Broad St (N) is the middle of Ridgewood, NJ.
Current owners of the property appear to be the Ken Smith Lincoln/Mercury Dealership. Unfortunately
three weeks ago to the day (1/23/06) the last of the coal bins were removed from this site. The
property borders the train tracks, which is where the coal was delivered into the bins. Behind the photo
in the left corner is the Ridgewood Train station.

In 1888, Edward F. Ryerson established his first coal yards, the Edward F. Ryerson Coal Company, on Rock
Avenue in Ridgewood. One year later, Ryerson moved his establishment to the current location along
the railroad tracks, just north of Franklin Avenue. In 1897, George W. Young and Richard Bortic
became the successors to Ryersonís establishment and changed the name to the Young & Bortic Coal Company,
which later became the Young and Bortic Fuel Company. Young & Bortic sold anthracite coal,
blacksmith coal, kindling wood, and Prattís food for poultry, horses, and cattle.

I submitted this picture to 'Old Cars Weekly' for
identification and they told me it was an '05-06 Rambler.
I thought I would share it with Rambler enthusiasts.

Rodney Hengst

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