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NCCA Window Decal$ 3.00Ea._____$_____
NCCA Large Jacket Patch 9"$19.50Ea._____$_____
30's Nash Cap Patch - Small 2 1/2X4"$ 4.00Ea._____$_____
Large 30's Jacket Patch$19.50Ea._____$_____
Shop Coat Patch - Nash$ 4.00Ea._____$_____
40's - 50's Cap Patch$ 4.00Ea._____$_____
40's - 50's Nash Patch (Large 9")$19.50Ea._____$_____
Nash Hand Towels$ 5.00Ea._____$_____
NCCA Ladies Charm$ 4.00Ea._____$_____
NCCA Lapel Pin$ 4.00Ea._____$_____
Fanny Pack, w/NCCA Logo$11.00Ea._____$_____
Umbrella, w/NCCA Logos$25.00Ea._____$_____
NCCA Beverage Mug (Non-Spill) $ 2.00Ea._____$_____
NASH Key Chain - Red Plastic $ 3.00Ea._____$_____
NCCA Ball Point Pen$2.00Ea._____$_____
NCCA Stationery - 50 small sheets$ 3.25Ea._____$_____
NCCA Envelops for - 50 small Stationery.$ 2.75Ea._____$_____
NCCA Stationery - 25 Large sheets$ 2.50Ea._____$_____
NCCA Envelops for - 25 Large Stationery.$ 1.50Ea._____$_____
Sunvisor Sleeve (49-53? Overdrive Instructions)$ 7.00Ea._____$_____
Specification Manual$ 7.00Ea._____$_____
Radio Grills, Maroon or Ivory, for 46-48$55.00Ea._____$_____
Dash Panel Restoration Kit for 1950 Nash.
Shipping and handling are included in this price.
Gauge Panel Glass (For 1941 Nash)
Shipping and handling are included in this price.
Fan Decal - 1930's Oil Lubricated Housing$ 3.00Ea._____$_____
Bumper Sticker (Smile like you owned a Nash)$ 13.00Ea._____$_____
Bonderite Sticker for 1949-51, Maybe others.$ 2.00Ea._____$_____
NCCA Fender Cover$30.00Ea._____$_____
NCCA Grill Badge $30.00Ea._____$_____
Pistons 3 3/8 w/rings
also in 0.40 & 0.60 over, set of 6.
Pistons 3 1/2 X 3 3/4 - no rings
also in 0.030, 0.40 & 0.60 over, set of 6.
Call for priceEa._____$_____
Camshaft Bearing Set N#1
Fit 600,Statesman, Rambler L-Head 1941 up.
Camshaft Bearing Set N#2
Fit Mdl 110 & all LaFayette Mdl. thru 1940, Mdl 1120 & all Amb. OHV 6 thrugh 1951.
Camshaft Bearing Set N#2X10
Fit as above N#2, except .010 undersize.
Camshaft Bearing Set N#4
Fit all Amb. 6 From 1952 thru 1956
1941 thru 48 Rear Fender Gravel Shields (pair).
Allow 2 weeks for delivery from Manufacturer.
Price includes shipping and handling.
1941 thru 48 Rubber Sill Plates for 4 Dr Only.
Set of 4.
Allow 2 weeks for delivery from Manufacturer.
Price includes shipping and handling.
1949-51 Bumper Split Plate$ 50.00 ea.Ea._____$_____
Water Pump Coupling, 1 1/16" long *$ 8.50Ea._____$_____
Water Pump Packing
(for 1948 and Earlier)
$ 10.00Ea._____$_____
Water Pump Coupling Bolts
Hardened, Stainless Steel - Pr.
$ 10.50Ea._____$_____
Rocker Arm Oil Wicks
- All 20's to 40's -
6 & 8 Cyl.
Cap w/50's Patch, Blue & White Mesh$ 8.00Ea._____$_____
NCCA Cap - White Poplin
Golf style, Low Profile
$ 6.00Ea._____$_____
Nash Caps, new style. $18.00Ea._____$_____
Ladies Visor w/Nash Script-adjustable.$ 6.00Ea._____$_____
Sweatshirt, Hooded & Zippered, Gray/NCCA EmblemL-XL $34.00 2XL $37.00Ea._____$_____
NCCA Ladies Polo Shirts
Navy-Pink-Blue NCCA Emblem
M-L-XL $26.00 2XL $28.00Ea._____$_____
NCCA Polo Shirts no pocket
White-Navy-Jade NCCA Emblem
M-L-XL $21.00 2XL $24.00Ea._____$_____
NCCA Polo Shirts w/pocket
White-Navy-Jade NCCA Emblem
L XL $27.00 2XL $29.00Ea._____$_____
Heritage Preservation Videos, DVD or VHS,
(Interviews with former Nash Employes)
Sixteen Seperate tapes. (Specify)
$ 5.00
The Nash Healey Book
1951 - The Panelcraft Co. that hand made the bodies, along with Tech Tips, and Sources for all years.
Automobile Quarterly Vol 15 No.2
Blueprints & Balance Sheets-The Company that Charlie Built - Also with a Nash Healey Article.
Automobile Quarterly Vol 16 No 2
A Family in Kenosha.The Story of the Rambler and the Jeffery.
Nash Times Back Issues *$ 1.00Ea._____$_____
US $
U.S. Add 20% shipping, (Min. Shipping Charge is $1.50) $_____
(25% Canadian & 30% Foreign)(Min. Shipping Charge is $1.50):$_____

Order Total;

Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.

* Stationery, 8 1/2" X 11 1/2" paper. Purchase #10 security envelopes in lots of 25 each, or 5 1/2" X 8 1/2" paper.
Purchase #6 envelopes in lots of 50 each with "Nash Car Club of America" and the Club Logo letterhead.

* The Nash Times back issues subject to availability.

* Water Pump Coupling, 1 1/16" long for 1934 and up except for 3710, 3720 with regular generator and 1937-41 80 series.

* Polo Shirts; White, Navy or Jade, M,L, XL and add $1.00 for XXL.

* Sweatshirts; Gray and 2XL only.

Payment must be in US Dollars and Checks made payable to "Nash Car Club of America".
Non-Members must pay in Bank Money Orders or Postal Money Orders.
Foreign Orders must be Money Orders in US funds drawn on an INTERNATIONAL bank!

PLEASE ADD 20% (Continental US) or 25% (Canadian) or 30% (Foreign) to the total amount
of the order for Shipping and Handling. MINIMUM SHIPPING CHARGE for all orders is $1.50.

NAME:_________________________________________________ STREET:_______________________________________________ CITY:____________________________________ STATE:________________ ZIP:___________ COUNTRY:_________________________________


Ken Day,

5545 Martin Rd.

Great Valley, NY 14741


E-Mail -

Money Orders or Checks must be made payable to "NASH CAR CLUB of AMERICA"

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