I owned the car on picture "1928 Nash Touring seen in Croatia" on your site.

28_Dalibor-Lebarovic2.jpg - 25571 Bytes

I'm sending a picture from my wedding.

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This car is from 1928 year and it is Nash standard six.

Dear sirs,

In that contects I have some informations:

The car has registrations plates on and it is driven all year
long including oldtimer events or just for my satisfaction (2000
km per year).

I'm owner for 3 years and my hoby is rebuilding older cars so on
this car I have repaird gear box, cardan, electrical
instalations, handmade complete new wather pump and more other
small things that cost time, like clining engine block from

28_Dalibor-Lebarovic3.jpg - 29941 Bytes

see it on:

for any information or more pictures be free to contact me via mail.

best regards,
dalibor lebarovic

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