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1929 Nash, Model 470, Advance Six, Serial number 486006, Gary DeYoung, Florida

This 470, five passenger sedan has the "Royal" option package. In the 1929 Advance Six series, Nash use the term Royal to describe the dual sidemounted spare wheels, a full width rear bumper, and luggage rack. There was also a "Regal" package, meaning no luggage rack. If the dual sidemounted spare wheels were not purchased, a single spare tire would be on the back of the car and the rear bumper was two "half" bumpers (standard equipment).

The trunk on this car is added to the Nash supplied luggage rack. Neither Nash or body builder Seaman Body Corp. supplied a "factory trunk" for the 1929 Advance Six line. There were two body types in the 1929 Advance Six series where the trunk was part of the body, not on a luggage rack. They were the model 463 (two door sedan) and a model 467 the Ambassador sedan.
See my other photos under the 1929 listing for those body types.

The wheels on this 470 are the optional 12 spoke wood wheels, seven lug. They can be removed from the brake drums, unlike the basic 10 spoke wood wheels. In the case of the 10 spoke wood wheels, when a tire with rim is removed, the wood spoke wheel stays on the car attached to the brake drum. All the wheel types for a 1929 Advance Six are 20", but the process for changing tires or fixing a flat is different depending on type of wheel. Hubcaps are different as well.

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