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1929 Nash, Model 463, Two door sedan "conversion", Serial number 479372, Gary DeYoung, Florida

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No, Nash didn't build a truck in 1929 in either this Advance Six series, or the other two series.
This was a model 463 two door sedan until a farmer in Wisconsin needed it more as a truck.
It will help if you click on my other 463 listing under the 1929 models, to see what changes were made here.

During World War Two, a farmer took this car, cut the body behind the door, discarded the rear seat section of the body and moved forward the back section which included the rear window. Behind the new "cab" he built a flat bed made of wood and went about his farming duties. The car was parked in the late 1940's in his barn, and sat there until October 1998 when I was able to track down the rumors I heard of it, and make a purchase. My intent was to use it as a parts car for my other 463, however, the driveline was complete and original so I decided to save it. I have finished the separation of the lower body to divide cab from bed, and worked on making a new bed as shown here.

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