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1929 Nash, Model 463, Two door sedan, Serial number 478258, Gary DeYoung, Florida

Close-Up View

This model 463 is another "project car" waiting my restoration.
Like the model 470 four door sedans, it rides on the shorter 121" wheelbase.
This photo was taken the day I got it home to Florida, in from it's long trip from Montana.
The wheels and tires were put on just to roll it off the trailer and into my garage.
The model 463's were built in far fewer numbers than the more popular model 470 four door sedans, so just a few remain today.

The two door sedans have a full width rear seat, and bucket seats up front that fold and tilt forward to allow passengers into the back. The trunk on back is built into the body in the same manner as a model 467, seen in my other photos.
This 463 has the optional dual sidemounted spare wheels. They are off in this photo but looking close at the front fender you can see the "well" the tire fits into and the mounting arm near the hood.

Though it's not much to look at, I did want to show the body type because elsewhere under the 1929 Nash listing you will find a photo of another 463 two door that a farmer converted to a truck during World War Two. Click on that photo to see what was done to another model 463.

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