1928 NASH

Car shown at AACA/Nash Meet, Auburn, IN 5/12/2018.
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IOWA Winter 2019.

The Nash had chains on all 4 wheels along with posters showing original advertisements from the Weed Chain company. Mr Weed invented the tire chain in 1904 because he saw the rope that was commonly used wrapped around tire and rim would not last long.
Most people asked why chains on the front or is it 4WD??? I showed them that in all the ad's chains are placed all around and needed to have steering traction on slick mud, snow or icy rural roads in the 20's. Loose traction up front and the rear chains will just keep pushing you straight. We have to remember any plowing that may be done was mainly within the town limits.
We drive the country roads in the fresh fallen snow before they are plowed and have come across 4 wheel drive vehicles having difficulty and go right around them.
For discussion I have had many people say this Nash may have been a police pursuit car. It has a early electrical wiper, siren on running board and amber spot/ warning light. All with small armor electrical wiring and armor wire pin attachments that is seen on original Trippe lights.

1928 Nash,

Model: 371

Owned By;

John and Jan Brewer #9624

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