Titled as a 1927 NASH

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1927 Nash, Model 325, Standard Six Coupe.

A picture of my recently painted 27 model 325 which is grey and black. Still needs stripes. As I understand the 325 designation on my 27, mine was built late in 27 and sold in 27 and back then even though it has the next years design changes, as long as it was sold in 27 that is how it was titled. Unlike modern cars that are sold after the model changes but before the end of the year, they are titled as the next year. Mine has a different dash, door handle and window cranks than the 235. Also the tire size is 25 and the 235 is 26. I have forgotten who or where I got this info from, but if anyone has different information, I stand corrected except that my title says 27.
Clyde Mason #6713

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