1927 NASH

1927 Nash, Model 265, Advanced Six, Victoria.

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Car Colors are;

Hood Upper - Mallard Green (Mallard Green - Mimax #1006)

Hood Lower - Mallard Green

Hood Moulding - Light Green (Light Green - Mimax #1339

Lower Body - Mallard Green

Body Belt - Mallard Green

Body Top - Black (Black - Duco #2441012)

Body Moulding - Light Green

Window Reveals - Black

Aprons-Fenders - Black Enamel

Disc Wheels - Outer - Black

Disc Wheels - Center - Mallard Green

Disc Wheels - Inner - Black

Wire Wheels - Light Green

Two gold pin stripes are on the hood and body moulding encircling

the car as well as between the colors of the disc wheels.

Colors for the Victoria were taken from the

"Nash Service Operations Schedule (7/1/27) and

brochure descriptions and photos such as the one attached.

The color of the Victoria in the photo is misleading unless

you've seen the car. Mallard Green is very deep green.

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