1926 Nash

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1926 Light Six Touring Sedan.

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Model 221.

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Right Hand Drive, in Australia.

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The water pump on my car was worn out, even the blades on the impeller
were corroded off - it was little better than a stirrer!

After much investigation I found that the water pump from a Ford Cortina 2
litre TC-TF Repco part No. WP1746 OR GMB brand No WP-746 just fits with the
addition of an adapter plate. The fan pulley was changed to an ex Gemini so
the fan belt lines up better with the other pulley on the generator.
All this allows you to fit a better fan also!

The Cortina pump is better in every respect, ceramic seals (no gland nut),
ball bearings and better flow rate. Only the purist could pick the
difference when it is finally installed - no mods to the pump whatsoever.

Owned By,

Rodney & Beth Rush, (NCCA 8000)

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