The story is that early in 1936 LaFayette sales were down, so Nash decided to make a second series to boost sales. Taking the 400 waterfall grill, adding two stainless spears, and adding a new ornament Nash came up with a re-designed second series which boosted sales in the LaFayette line.

It is also said that a kit was made for all dealerships to change the remaining first series LaFayette's over to the second series. The radiator cap sticks out on the first series but not on the second series.

The difference in the overdrive is that on the LaFayette it is all one unit. The overdrive is built into the trans. case. The 400 and Ambassadors had the overdrive attached to the back of the trans. casing. The teardrop shape was standard use on the 400 and ambassadors. All LaFayette's said LaFayette on the grill and trunk tag, and all 400's had the "Nash" Logo on the tag.

In reference to model numbers, to my knowledge all 4 door trunk sedans were 3618's. The difference is the 2nd series, with the waterfall grill, was called a LaFayette Deluxe. 3618 was the highest model number for LaFayette, 3610, 12 & 13 were some of the others.

All of these photos and information were provided by Member Steve Meisner NCCA #5610. Steve and Barbs LaFayette can be seen on display in the Wisconsin Auto Museum (formerly the Hartford Heritage Museum) in Hartford Wisconsin.

Here is a pix of my 3618 first series when I brought it home.

LaFayette ornament

400 and Ambassador

This Ornament is from the first series.

Grill Badge says Lafayette - and

In small print is "Nash Built".

That story of the two series of '36 LaFayettes and the second grille that was made available, because the first one did not sell, was told to me years ago by a certain Mr. Chinitz, who was a Nash dealer at the time. Quite unique and interesting. I actually have both grilles, because an example of the first series was sent to me ages ago by someone in the US, and I clearly remember when I received it, I was very upset, because I thought the sender had conned me as the one I received did not at all look like the leftovers of the one that I had.

Peter Breitenstein #3636 - petemoni@mweb.com.na

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