1935 NASH Amb Six.

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1935 Nash Ambassador, Mdl 3520, Six Cylinder, 4 Door.

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This is "Dynamite II", a 3520 model, it is a twin sister to my first car........

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The car was redone in 2002 for the GN. It has 57K original miles, it has almost all the factory
options offered at that time.

The original Dynamite wasn't quite as pretty, but at the age of 16 it sure seemed to be to me!

Now it costs as much to fill the tank as I paid for Dyna # 1 in 1950 !

.Heres a link to the old Dynamite!

Previously Owned, and Restored By,

Eric O. Nelson jr. NCCA # 4290

Currently owned by Tom Creecy #9254.

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