Metropolitan Fire Truck.

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Owned By - Chris Custin, also a New Jersey resident,
is Chief Historian for the Metropolitan Owners Club of North America (MOCNA)
His email address is -

Link to web page for the Met Fire Truck.

Jim and Dorothy,
I need your help. I am looking for a picture of the following nash Metropolitan --late
50's early 60's i believe--but it's kind of specific.

When I was 9ish so we are at 1968ish-- a red nash metro would come around with a fire
truck looking attachment that it towed for kids to ride. You would pay your quarter and pile into the back of this two sided
bench seat that had a ladder that would come down for you to hold on to. He then proceeded to whip around the roads which was out
of this world fun. A great memory but no one seems to have a picture. From New Brunswick NJ area, hoping that this triggers
a story that may have passed your way. A picture--PRICELESS. Thanks in advance.
I will wait to hear from you.
Sue in NJ.

PS--what a cute car!


Hi Sue,

The firetruck I think you are referring to is a vehicle made by Overland Amusements in the
1950's. They used Crosleys until they were no longer manufactured and then they used Metropolitans for the "tow" vehicle.

Chris Custin, also a New Jersey resident is Chief Historian for the Metropolitan Owners Club
of North America (MOCNA) and he recently purchased one of these firetrucks with a Metropolitan.

He brought it to Michigan for the International Meet held here in 2003. His email address is Chris is the best person to give you information on this interesting vehicle - and hopefully tell you
when he'll have it in public again so you can relive those childhood memories of yours.

Members always enjoy hearing the "I remember whens".

Rhonda Gelstein
Owner 1958 Nash Metropolitan Convertible


Hi Jim,
I believe the Met hook & ladder that you saw in Macungie,Pa. is the same one that Sue is talking about.
It's at Macungie almost every year, I have spoken to the man that owns it and he claims it was put
together in the 60's to take kids for a ride for money.
Macungie car show (Das Awkscht Fescht) is always the first weekend in Aughust.
This year it's on the 6-7-8 of Aughust and is one of the best car shows around.

Rich Mosteller
NCCA #744


That was at the "Catskill Game Farm" in New York State...
This was a Metro-Thingie pulling a series of trailers somehow attached..(I can 'see' it in my
mind's eye because, once upon a time long long ago I used to visit this the fifties, of course and I seem to recall
this thing and an animal walking freely at the Game Farm found my lunch in a paper bag (in my hand, no less) about as, more interesting than I found that Met-Thingie because I didn't Eat the Met-thingie but that critter
sure ate my lunch (and I don't actually recall how old I was, but I'm certain I must have been pretty young because, well, that's
when I'd have gone...up to perhaps '55?)
Note the Met-thingie has an early hood, but a '56&up "Z" stripe. What year IS the Thingie??
The One I recall at the game farm is kind of "in the fog of time's clouding", but somehow I seem to recall it carrying people...
But then again, I was distracted; That Critter had stolen my lunch, I was hungry, and I had some
crying to do...*sigh*.

Jj Jerijan Baldwin

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