1954 NASH Rambler

"These pictures are from the summer 1955. They were taken in Ramvik in Sweden just outside my father´s surgery. He was a doctor and owner of this 2 door Nash Rambler sedan. The amazing thing is that this car still exits. I had not seen it since in 1962 when my father died. Earlier this year I found it in a swedish car magazine named Nostalgia. The current owner is Karl-Erik Willander who lives in Arkösund not so very far from where I live in the middle of Sweden. The car has just gone 6.600 swedish miles = approximately 40000 US miles. The mechanical parts are in a very good condition but the body is very rusty. Karl-Erik, who is an expert on Ramblers and owner of four of them including my father´s, is going to start the restoration work in this year".

By Nils-Henrik Sikstrom NCCA #8047, Sweden

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